Free Name Tattoo

Patrick Ricky Winquist from Finland started the craft initially by doing tattoos by hand for three years. By watching closely, listening and most importantly, practising a lot, he developed his level of skill.

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Tattoo Art Free

We were also introduced to some rather hairy peach schnapps which did the job nicely (don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it!!).  Compared to the night before, the place was virtually empty as people had decided to leave rather early rather than get snowed in.

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Warlock tattoos

I feel that European tattooing has a stronger foundation in an artistic sense than American tattooing. I believe that is partially from exposure from the many museums, architecture and art that is found on every street corner. Europeans have the good fortune of being consciously or subconsciously constantly surrounded by art.

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Fantasy tatoo

Unfortunately in the following yeais ninny of these artists eithei disappcaicd orhioke oil into the ih;o traditional movement I found disappointing that tattooisls capable of pushing the envelop of tattooing as art. insteid leliimed to its foundation.

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Chinese character tattoos

Organized for the first time in 1995 by Jumpers MC, the      convention      of Lausanne quickly acquires a great success by its organization and the quality of the selected artists. The  last  edition  taken again by Ethno Tattoo (and with   the   help   of   our friends) gained a sharp success in 2001: more than 7000 visitors! Well

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Japanese tatoo

TAM: What’s your opinion on western tattoo? H: It’s not my style, but I respect it. People in Europe now get interested on Japanese style. That’s very positive. I think that if Japanese style is combined with European style good things might come out.

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Japanese tattoo gallery

Horiyoshi is working, but with the usual Japanese kindness he rises up and gets closer to greet us. As usual, we bring him a present, some self made tattooing machines. The gift is to make our humble contribution to his museum, and he gets really happy.

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Japanese tattoos

We are in Yokohama, at the studio where Horiyoshi III works. We are having the opportunity of spending a day with one of the most respected and influential men in body art.

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Tribal leg tattoo

Malmo station. Outside. Night. It’s very cold, it’s not possible to smoke anywhere and a Viking homeless dogs me talking in Swedish. The taxi takes me all around the city and gets back along its wheels to let me at the hotel, placed three streets away from the station. I make the maximum of fake-tour to observe the city through the glasses.

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Polynesian tribal tattoo

… one stand to the next, taking pics, looking around and chatting. I bump into so disparate people as a Norwegian couple who must belong to the Monster family, a Swiss mom who looks like my 17 year old niece and with whom I have coincided having breakfast at the\l hotel and who now is smiling ear to ear because of a new tattoo made on his chest by Brian Mack from Cobra

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