Variety and styles of tattoo lettering

Tattoo lettering is varied and endless in its styles. After you have a few traditional alphabets under control, you can experiment and create your own designs. Certain styles are more suited to personal tastes than others. You can get quite fancy if it is practiced first on paper. With practice, anything is possible, even slick looking Old English style.

Personalized letters are great trademarks, and eventually everyone will letter differently, even when doing the same alphabet. A few different alphabets are illustrated above to give you some examples and stimulate your imagination.

When actually tattooing names and letters, on the skin. You will still need some sort of guidelines on the skin. Very few people tattoo without them and get satisfactory results. The guidelines are drawn on the skin with a skin type marker or a fine line ink pen.

These lines are not to be tattooed in, but used just as a guide for the letters. Later they will be wiped off to leave just the letters in perfect height. Do not guess with the spacing of letters, they rarely come out right. Always remember the sign “plan ahead.”

Remember that spacing isn’t always a mechanical measurement between each letter but a flowing style of placing letters together which look correct to the eye.
When tattooing letters that are inside of banners, be sure to tattoo on the letters first and then the banner second. This is done so that if the banner has to be adjusted at the last second, it could be.

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