Some info about Sterilization

Many of the conditions sited are terminal, and that means there is no coming back. What we have to do is prepare a site on the skin to receive our product, the tattoo. We will have to scrub it with soap and water, shave off the hair at the site and surrounding area, disinfect it with Isopropanal 70%, and cover the area with an antiseptic and gauze.
We know we cannot sterilize skin, but we can come pretty close. This procedure will be explained in great depth in the next chapter, “Sterilization Procedures”.
Let us move on then into the next chapter and learn the procedures to 1.) Protect our client from infection. 2.) Protect ourselves from infection. 3.) Render our workplace “a safe place to work”. 4.) Comply with the Federal rulings regarding our craft. Put them all together and the art of tattooing will, for the first time in its history, become known as an acceptable art form, free and clear of disease

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