Trouble with ink in your tattoo machine

If you are having trouble with ink splattering out your tube tip, there could be several reasons for it. A slight splattering is normal. Sometimes it is caused by ink overloading. The reservoir on some bottom ends doesn’t allow for much ink. A square tip is more prone to splattering than a round one. Some lighter frames tend to splatter more than others. Check the tube tips for wear, change them before they wear down to a sharp edge. A machine that is properly tuned and used puts the ink out uniformly and rarely splatters.
By paying attention to these points, you will most likely eliminate any problem:
First, make sure your needle is in the tube right with the needle on the bottom side of the tip. Make sure the open side of the needle bar loop is to your left when it is attached to the armature bar.
Second, make sure the needle bar isn’t hitting the side of the tube as it goes up and down.
Third, make sure the rubber bands are all in good shape and are all pulling evenly. Pull them away from the needle bar one at a time and snap them back into place. Check them to be sure they aren’t weak or worn. It doesn’t hurt to replace your rubber bands every 15 or 20 hours of tattoo time. They don’t cost much and if they aren’t doing their job properly, you can really tax your brain trying to figure out why it’s splattering.

Fourth, make sure your points are properly set. Fifth, look at your tube tips. If they are worn, you will get splatter. Take out the needle and look inside the tip. If there is a groove where the needle rides, file it smooth again. Be very careful not to file away any more of the metal then you have to. The tip is made of soft metal and it’s easy to get carried away. Be careful, a little at a time. On liner tips there will be one groove. On shader tips there will be several separate grooves, like railroad tracks. On the round tips, use a round Swiss needle file to smooth it back out. On flat shader tips and your one needle liner tip, use a square Swiss needle file. If you have to file a tip to get it to stop splattering, be sure to clean it out good with a brush. Sterilize it before you use it again.
The splattering could come from one or all of the above. If one thing doesn’t work, try something else, until you figure it out.
If none of the above worked, change the needle bar to see if that helps.
If that doesn’t work, check the springs and replace them if necessary. Sometimes one side of a spring will break where it’s being held by the screw. It’s hard to spot.
The hard part is, if it starts splattering in the middle of a tattoo, you have to be able to figure it out, or continue with a splattering machine. This will take a lot longer to do if you don’t know what’s going on and your nerves will be shot from anxiety dealing with it.

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